Vacations Suck for the Systems Admin

August 27, 2013 - Reading time: ~1 minute

vacations suck[ Image by John Piercy ]

Vacations Suck! Well not the vacations themselves, more the first few days back when you're inundated with everything that came in while you were off that no one was able to resolve.  Not to mention the email alerts filling your in-box(really need to tweak some of the alerting settings) that you need to sift through to see if there's anything you need to deal with.
You've got the stress before you actually go on vacation as well as you make sure you have everything documented for whoever is covering you and of course you can only document so much, step by step hand holding just can't be expected.  Making sure any ongoing projects are handed over with any info required, usually like to make sure any outstanding items are taken care of or at least can wait until I'm back.

Oh well, back to digging through my email for follow-up items(and pondering my next vacation).  ;)


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