SysAid Performance issue with MySQL

We've had SysAid for a little over a year, but haven't fully rolled it out.  Mostly just been using it's Projects and Tasks module for tracking testing for a new software update and the Asset component for pulling software/hardware info.  An issue was reported with SysAid performance and freezing while importing the tasks for a new update.  Hmmmm, that didn't sound good.

Our original deployment was using the included Derby database, but decided to switch when we were having performance issues with the Projects module.  We have roughly 1500 assets that SysAid keeps track of, so the discovery and deployment modules are pretty busy.

When I heard about this new issue I decided to dive into the Tomcat logs to see what was up.  Lo and behold I found a bunch of errors such as...

"ERROR com.ilient - ConnectionPool: ilient pool is full.  waiting too much. giving up..."

Sounded a little like the queue to access the database was a little like the line outside an Apple store when a new iPhone is released.

Checking the serverConf.xml file settings for the database showed me the following...


10, methinks that sounds a little on the low side. Off to do a little web search and I came up with this thread that gave me some hints that this configuration was lacking in our case.  Bumped the dbPoolMaxConn up to 100 and restarted the Sysaid Server service, and kept an eye on the Tomcat log file.  I haven't seen a recurrence of the error and the end users have reported that performance has improved.

Sounds good to me, now on to my next issue   ;)


UPDATE:  While dealing with an entirely different issue SysAid Support Engineers had me bump this field up to 200, so again depending on how large/busy your deployment is you may want to increase this field to add more traffic lanes into your database.